Additionally, they have formed alliances with the people that Aztecs conquered (such as the Tlaxcaltecas) who felt mistreated by the Aztec . Cortes and his men used gunpowder technology to make firearms. The Spanish had more advanced technology, especially firearms: this has taken the Aztecs by surprise. What factors allowed Spanish Conquistadors to conquer the native tribes? The conquest of Tenochtitlan and the subsequent consolidation of Spanish domination over the former Aztec Empire was the first major possession in what became the Spanish Empire. You do not need to cite them Except when you are directly quoting from the the sources. Decline in the empires was one. The Aztecs were driven back into Tenochtitlán, and Cortes and his allies laid siege. TACTICAL FACTORS IN THE SPANISH CONQUEST OF THE AZTECS DOUGLAS A. DANIEL Western Washington University A perspective largely unexamined in past works on the Spanish Conquest of Mexico has been the details of the tactical systems of the respective sides, and how these systems worked on the battlefield to produce the Spanish victory. The Spanish brought smallpox and various other Old World diseases with them to which New World populations had little resistance. The Inca seriously underestimated the Spanish,because of their small numbers.Unlike the Aztecs, the Inca were under no illusion about who exactly the newcomers were,nor what they were after. This awesome reputation helped tiny Spanish armies, often less than two hundred men, to conquer vast native populations. Under the leadership of Cuauhtémoc, the Aztecs refused to surrender, and Cortes had to invade. Description. After months of bitter street fighting by August 1521, the smoking ruins were finally in Spanish hands and the Aztecs had been virtually exterminated. The Aztec empire was full of people unhappy with Aztec rule ready to aid the Spanish while the Inca empire was in a civil war when the Spanish arrived making it easy to conquer. One significant factor was disease. The Spanish had guns and horses. In Mexico it was the … The Aztecs were hated and feared by other Mexican tribes,who were thus more than happy to gang up with the Spanish to destroy them. Widespread plagues followed, weakening the empire. Metal armor, firearms, steel edged weapons, and the horse gave the Spanish a huge advantage. There were several factors that enabled the Cortes and his men to conquer the Aztecs. It only took Cortes and his soldiers three years to conquer the Aztec Empire. Their classic method was to march on the native capital, form an alliance with rebel natives, and then seize the supreme ruler. The Aztec king believed nothing good could come from the Spaniards arrival. The Spanish had superior weaponry to the Aztecs, and were aided by rival tribes who resented Aztec rule.

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